Caffè Borghetti, liquore di vero caffè espresso
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What is Borghettino? Is it Borghetti’s little brother? Is it a ritual? Is it a reason to love even more the real espresso liqueur? To be honest, Borghettino is a bit of everything. Borghettino is…

The same recipe Ugo Borghetti invents in 1860 with the best selection of both Arabica and Robusta coffe, dosed in huge coffe maker machines in order to produce the finest espresso liqueur.

Borghettino travels with you on the lake, mountain or seaside, with its reduced alcoholic volume.

Borghettino is always with you. Thanks to the reusable plastic pack you can use it as a purse or as a candle. Borghettino is your inseparable real espresso liqueur.